Blender supports:
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • USD Tether


Mixing Fee

0.1 BTC

Minimum Amount

10 BTC

Maximum Amount


Transactions Per Day


Automated. No humans needed!

Select a Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash

Mixer Options

You can adjust the settings for this Blend according to your privacy requirements.

Destination Address

You can receive your new bitcoin at one or more addresses. You may wish to split up your bitcoin to prevent blockchain analysis, or simply for your convenience.

Service fee:

You can select your own fee for using the mixer service. The minimum fee is 0.1% but we strongly suggest choosing a random fee. This prevents people seeing your deposit, and then looking for an identical transaction (the output) minus a standard mixer fee.
Percentage distribution:

Transfer Delay

Delaying your pay out by one or more hours will also help add randomness to your mix. Someone looking for your output transaction on the blockchain will need to search hours of transactions, making it harder to trace. We suggest being random.

Important Information

Please carefully read and confirm you understand.

Awaiting Deposit

Send     (Minimum:   0.01   to Maximum:   0) to:
Awaiting deposit...

Blender ID:

If you need assistance with this blend, please quote the Blender ID shown here.


Blender is in constant development. We have plans to add further popular cryptocurrencies as they emerge, and to expand the options our service offers.